What is Confidential Waste

Confidential Waste disposal is a serious subject. We are trusted to destroy thousands of paper documents each year. Once shredded, the confidential waste is recycled and reused, we then supply a certificate of destruction as proof of a closed audit trail .

Its not just paper documents that are classed as confidential waste. Computers, Tapes, CD’s and Hard Drives are all considered items of confidential waste and should be securely destroyed if they hold sensitive information. Once destroyed SB Waste Solutions will recycle and reuse materials wherever possible.


Confidential Waste Disposal to suit your business

We have a range of solutions available to enhance your office space. You can choose from recycling stations, confidential cabinets, general waste bins, wheelie bins, hard drive and memory disposal and hazardous waste disposal.

Our friendly team are on hand to assist you in your confidential waste disposal and recycling plan, ensuring that you are legislation compliant at every stage.

For further information on your responsibilities and obligations regarding waste please see our helpful links below to government and local authority sites.

General Government legislation – Disposal of Business or Commercial WasteHSE Waste Disposal checklist


SB Waste Solutions will work with you to ensure an effective and legislation compliant Waste Disposal plan is implemented, giving you peace of mind and a leading edge in service. Request a quote.