SB Waste Solutions carries an extensive range of Waste Signage.

All our waste signs are wrap compliant (Waste and Resources Action Programme) to help the environment it is recommended that your workplace has a range of recycling bins that can be clearly identified with a recycling sign.

Examples of a Waste Signage are Metal Waste, Paper Waste, Household and Garden Waste, Building Waste, Timber Waste, Scrap Metal Waste, Cardboard Waste, General Waste, Brick Waste, Plastic Waste.

Pick from a selection of these and help the environment and the next generation All are offered with 48 hour delivery and our quality promise.

Bespoke signage available to order upon request.


Waste Signage and your business

For further information on your responsibilities and obligations regarding waste please see our helpful links below to government and local authority sites.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling

General Government legislation – Disposal of Business Waste – HSE Waste Disposal checklist

SB Waste Solutions will work with you to ensure an effective and legislation compliant Commercial Waste Disposal plan is implemented, giving you peace of mind and a leading edge in service.

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